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Telegram Post Views is a feature that tells your customers how popular your channel is. One of the reasons for the elimination of many telegram channels was that they had a low number of visitors and this caused them to lose the energy to continue their activities.

Telegram 1 Post View

This service can help you to get many views at a very low price. you can get 1 million views for only RM 0.0054 per every 1000 views.

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We have many types of Telegram Views services:

  • One Time View for a specified number of posts [1 – 100 POST]
  • Telegram Automatic daily views [1 – 100 Post ] – [1-10 times per day]
  • Telegram Views Subscription - In this service, every time you send a post, our system automatically detects and sends you the requested number of views, which is unique in its kind.

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Important question! Are the Telegram View real?

Definitely not, we have prepared services that you can completely eliminate the problem of visiting your channel at a low cost. Real views require targeted advertising, which is very expensive and does not increase the accuracy of all your posts. We can do the best kind of Post View for your channel, which you can see in the list below

Telegram Post View FAQs:

What is the price of Telegram post views? As we are a panel for sellers, we have considered the lowest market price and prices start from RM 0.0054 per 1000 views.

How fast are orders placed? Orders are processed at high speed. Time may range from 10 minutes to 2 hours.

Views are Real or Fake? The views are unrealistic and are only intended to increase your channel traffic.

View for old or new posts? We fully support both services and can provide them. Both old posts and new posts are in high numbers.