How to Increase Telegram Channel Subscribers / Telegram Group Member

How to increase Telegram channel members?

To progress in the telegram, you must pay attention to all the points. These points include examining all the cases for presenting a continuous and accurate plan in terms of increasing the number of members and the level of activity of members. The program of regular increase of Telegram members includes real members and robots, automatic visits, comments and reactions in Telegram. The result of this type of planning is an increase in activity in the Telegram channel and group, and eventually you can be seen more in Telegram and defeat your rivals.

So choose your goal first and we will help you to reach your goal so that you can achieve your goal in a short time and with the least cost.

There are a total of two main ways to progress in Telegram:

  1. With the help of Supplier Follower website
  2. Management methods and time consuming

In the following, we have presented both methods for you so that you can reach the goal in a short time.

With the help of Supplier Follower website

In this way, you can drastically increase the number of your members in a short time and you do not need to spend several months.

The methods introduced in this article to improve Telegram and increase Telegram channel members are standardized and engineered. So, instead of thinking of non-standard ways and non-engineering methods, it is better to accompany us to the end of this article. At the first, The owner can initially add up to 200 Mutual Contacts to the channel. This is to speed up the growth of the channel.

Management methods and time consuming

1- Presenting and producing appropriate and valuable content

One way to attract an audience is to produce accurate and practical content. With this type of valuable content, the current audience of the channel will be interested in republishing it in other groups, and the members of those groups will be inclined to join the channel when they see your content.

Applications for customizing your channel and content:

  • Choose the appropriate logo and (Description).
  • Put the channel ID, Username or URL at the end of each post you publish
  • Forward your channel content with links in different groups to be seen by group members. This is one of the most effective ways

2- Choosing the appropriate subject and purpose

First, determine your goal of creating a channel and do not change the link and subject of the channel in any way after a while, try to publish content related to the name and background of the channel to prevent members from losing. For example, if a satirical or political article is posted on a channel whose name and description indicate that it is a scientific channel, some members may not like it and leave the channel.

The topic of the channel itself also plays a key role in its future. For example, entertainment channels with humorous content are better than commercial, scientific and کانال channels in attracting members.

3- Exchanging links with other channels, especially high-traffic channels

Another way that can help your channel members grow very quickly is to advertise in the most popular channels in Telegram itself, which is done in two ways: reciprocal advertising and paid advertising.

In the reciprocal advertising method (also known as link exchange), you can agree with another channel manager that you will place his channel ad on your channel and he will advertise your channel on his channel instead. . What you see on many channels these days. Of course, channels usually exchange links with the same number of members.

Another important point is that link exchange is attractive in an early period, but excessive use of it causes a decline in channel quality and is a reason for members to leave the channel. Try to do this once or twice a day.

In the second method, which is dedicated to channels with more than 100,000 members, channel managers will advertise your channel on their channel for a fee.

4- Advertising the channel in other media

Another effective way to increase Telegram channel members is to publish information and channel URLs on Internet websites. To do this, you can search Google and find websites that share the list of Telegram channels in those websites to share your channel information, for example by sending a comment (Comment) and…

Using other social networks such as Facebook, Google Plus, Line and. Can also be useful.

5- Keeping a member is more important than attracting a new member

One of the most important ways to increase Telegram channel members is to keep them on the channel. This means that you should be able to create an attraction in the channel that will encourage you to stay in the channel if a new member enters the channel. There is always membership in all channels, but in many of them the loss of members is so great that not only is there no increase in the number of members, but a decrease in the number of members is palpable.

6- Continuous team work

Telegram channel has the ability to select multiple administrators (Admin), if you know trusted people, admin them to help you publish your channel content. By producing higher quality content, of course, the probability of publishing them in other groups and attracting members will increase. Of course, try not to have too many channel admins, as you may fall on the other side of the roof and leave the channel with a lot of content generated by some members due to lack of time to check them all.

Another thing is that if the channel has several managers, be sure to always have an online manager according to the current schedule. Also, think and consult with your managers so that you can publish better and more valuable content.

Some important points:

  • Make sure it is a public channel type, each user can have 4 public channels. Because public channels are displayed in users' search results, this can be one of the ways to attract members.
  • As much as possible, try to choose a short and meaningful channel link so that users can easily remember it and have no problem typing it. However, choosing the right ID is now difficult due to the large number of channels.
  • Repetition reduces the attractiveness of the channel. So avoid sending duplicate content.
  • Publish content according to a set schedule. It should not be the case that you publish 100 articles in one hour and do not publish anything in the rest of the day. Also, try not to publish articles in your Telegram channel from 12 pm to about 9 am. If this is observed, the possibility of users leaving the channel will be very high.